Selim village

Just 65 minutes from Porto, in Alto-Minho region and close to Peneda Gerês National Park, more precisely in Arcos de Valdevez, "Casas de Selim" is an charm tourist village surrounded by nature and rurality.
In this village, you will find the ideal accommodation where you can sleep and relax to the sound of birds chirping, the daily life of Serra do Soajo, and the howling of wolves at dusk.
Casas de Selim are surrounded by excellent tourist resources such as Vila de Soajo, Aldeia de Sistelo, Ecovia do Vez, Porta do Mezio (gateway to the Peneda Gerês National Park), the historic center of Arcos de Valdevez, the Lindoso village, and much, much more…

Casas de Selim was the name that starred in the set of houses that were aggregated in the same place of the Parish of Couto, Selim, for the creation of the offer of accommodation of Village Tourism.

It is located on the south bank of the Vez River and north of the county seat, approximately 7 km. This makes the place a point of reference and exchange between the Village of Arcos de Valdevez and its territory allowing to offer the best there is to know in the lands of Vez.


Thus arises the set of Saddle Houses with 6 Cottages, with varied morphologies and differentiated experiences, with integrated offer of recreational and leisure spaces complemented with a traditional grocery and snack bar offer stuffed and new and old temptations.


The concept

Harmony, tranquility, nature and tradition

As the Phoenix was reborn from the ashes the Houses that encompass the set of Selim were reborn from the ashes in the harmony of its rural and rustic nature with the balance of convenience and comfort of the best that urbanity offers and on the one hand seeks.

The six offers of accommodation available are part of old rural dwellings that keep its typicalness merged in perfect harmony with modernity. Differentiated offers that are shaped by the characteristics of each visitor's trip in its various forms, offering accommodation with 3 bedrooms to 1 bedroom.

So that the experience in the place was complete without anything missing you can do your shopping in our grocery store and small meals in our bar. Where you can find the fresh products of local producers, the traditional reference, in addition to tasting the regional references of gastronomy.

In the midst of the tranquility of the rural world of half slope, with the Peneda Gerês Park and the Ecovias do Vez a mere kilometers, it is possible to enjoy the awakening of the senses to the details that make the place a turning point for the serenity that is sought.


Calm that can be found along the various green spaces of the development and the tranquility of each private space of each accommodation. Spaces designed so that every moment of your stay can have the answer you want. Highlight the pool and olive grove area.

The natural surroundings allows the Place of Selim to be a point of refuge and connection to the visitor who wants to know the Peneda Gerês Park and the dynamism of Ecovias do Vez. Not forgetting that it is in the middle of two of the 7 Wonders of Portugal the Village of Sistelo to the north and the Cigars to the south.

Knowledge and well receive are two of the main characteristics of the tradition of Alto Minho, so we hope that you will feel in the enterprise as if in your homes with all the affection, attention and joy you deserve from us.



It's not about the past the story we want to tell

The history of the Houses of Selim is not very different from many other stories that are heard throughout the national territory of the interior of those who left, who won, who wants to reciprocate and who wants to make history.

It's not about the past the story we want to tell, it's about the present and the future. It is these and other stories that we invite those who want to come visit us and stay here to tell and show!

Come to know us and tell your story arm in arm with your/our Selim Village!