home, airbnb, vacation, neighborhood, rental   T1

users, people   4 pax

bed, bedroom, home, hotel, sleep, stay   1 bedroom

bed, bedroom, double, furniture, hotel, interior, sleep   1 bed

chair, furniture, household, interior, sofa   1 day-bed

bathroom, commode, restroom, toilet, washroom   1 bathroom

animal, dog, foot, paw, pet, pets, print   animals allowed (max. 1)

chef, cook, hat, menu, restaurant   equipped kitchen

air, condition   air conditioning

fi, wi, wifi   wi-fi

door, internet of things, lock, security, smart   self check-in

hotel, ladder, pool, swim, swimming, water   swimming pool common to the village

auto, automobile, automóvel, carro, coche, mobilidade, mobility   parking common to the village

farm, garden, tree   garden common to the village

baby crib, baby mobile, bed, cot, cradle   cot (limited existing stock)

bed, bedding, bedroom, blanket, double, duvet   extra bed (limited existing stock)

bbq, barbecue   barbecue (limited existing stock)

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T2 | 4 pax

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T2 | 6 pax