One of our biggest concerns is the environment so we took every care to make the environmental footprint as low as possible. What we have introduced in the Saddle Houses for this:

  • Hot water is predominantly heated by renewable energies, in this case the sun.
  • All lamps are low consumption.
  • All appliances, including air conditioning, are class A.
  • The taps have a flow reduction system.
  • The exterior lighting is equipped with motion cells.
  • The watering of all green spaces is done only with water from the rain.
  • The pool is cleaned by electrolysis.
  • The glass is double, and the thermal insulation used in floors, walls and roofs have 6cm.
  • The doors and windows have thermally ruptured.
  • The cleaning products are all Ecolabel certified.

We invite you to join us in this precious help we give to the environment. How can you do that? easy! Here are some tips:

  • Do not leave the light on or the air conditioner without someone using it.
  • Do not forget to turn off the exterior lights of your accommodation.
  • Do not let the water run alone in the bathrooms or in the kitchen.
  • Don't forget the door open of the fridge.
  • Only require the change of towels or sheets if strictly necessary, we remind you that every three days of use we will do so.

Thank you and have a good stay!